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Monday, April 14, 2008

Oh, the pain!!!!

Here I am again! I love reading the blogs, just am not very good at adding to my blog. So, I was telling Emily about my hurt finger and she said I should blog it.

Last week, April 9, I was working at the Family History Center. As I left the building I locked up, and when outside turned the knob on the door the check it. Then as I dropped my hand and turned to walk away my new wedding ring caught on the handle of the door. Hugh pain!!! Felt like my finger was being ripped off. I immediately removed the ring, more pain. Drove home holding my hand above my head to try to slow the swelling, more pain. Got home, put ice on hand, more pain. Lots more pain the next day. Gradually getting better. I took this pic on April 14 - bruise goes from top knuckle to the base of my finger all the way around!! It looks kind of green now, and the swelling is way down. I hope to be able to wear my pretty ring again soon.