Grandma and Grandpa's Adventures

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Topeka with Teresa

We've been at Teresa's home for more then two weeks. It's been a lot of fun.
This past Wednesday and Thursday we drove down to Wichita and stayed in the trailer. We went to a kids science museum and the boys (and us) learned a lot. It was neat watching Mary and the kids do some of the fun stuff.
Tonight the boys did a talent night. It was FUNNY! Justin is a HAM! Ryan and Tyler are equally funny.
I've been keeping busy. Mary and Teresa helped me select the fabric for a new quilt. I wanted colors that would show the Autumn colors of leaves changing. The quilt pattern I chose seems to be very challenging. So far, Mary and Teresa have have given me a lot of help and encouragement. See the attached picture of what I have done so far. Should have it done next year.
We'll be heading south for Louisiana on Tuesday for a habitat build.