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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Topeka with Teresa

We've been at Teresa's home for more then two weeks. It's been a lot of fun.
This past Wednesday and Thursday we drove down to Wichita and stayed in the trailer. We went to a kids science museum and the boys (and us) learned a lot. It was neat watching Mary and the kids do some of the fun stuff.
Tonight the boys did a talent night. It was FUNNY! Justin is a HAM! Ryan and Tyler are equally funny.
I've been keeping busy. Mary and Teresa helped me select the fabric for a new quilt. I wanted colors that would show the Autumn colors of leaves changing. The quilt pattern I chose seems to be very challenging. So far, Mary and Teresa have have given me a lot of help and encouragement. See the attached picture of what I have done so far. Should have it done next year.
We'll be heading south for Louisiana on Tuesday for a habitat build.


Teresa said...

I love having you here! I don't want you to go! Come back soon!

jenibug said...

Your quilt is amazing! That IS really challenging, I'm impressed.
Marc's dad, Bob keeps asking about you guys, wondering how the trip is going. So funny. Is it okay if I send them your blog address?
-Jennifer McDonald

Grandma's Blog said...

Absolutely, Our life is an open book. (Except for a few pages.)