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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This has been a fast week. I've tried to add pictures for this week but sometimes things just don't work. I'll figure it out when we get to Boston.
Since leaving Teresa's a week ago Monday,
We drove to St. Louis, saw sites and many old buildings.(I like the architecture of old buildings.) Went to the temple there.
Drove to Louisville, Kentucky and went to the temple there. Had a bad experience with the RV park attendants near there. They were RUDE!
Drove to Santa Claus, Indiana. This was a cute little town that has everything in a Santa Claus theme. They also have a large amusement park but mom didn't want to go to. It was a very nice place but our schedule didn't give us time to see the shops.
We then drove across Kentucky on highway 64. It was like binging on a roller-coaster or driving a sports car 90 miles an hour.(Our truck and trailer did well on the roads at 40 to 60 mph. It was a wild ride with hills and sharp turns. Very beautiful.
We ended up at Front Royal Virgina where we stayed four nights in a rustic little RV camp. We were right near the Gooney Creek that made water noise all the time. It was by far the best camp yet even though we didn't have telephone or internet sevices there. A nice place to relax. A cute 80+ year old lady ran it. She was nice and we were the only ones there most of the time.
We got to see some of Washington DC and go to the temple there.
It rained and/or was cloudy most of the time so we didn't get to see much of the Shenandoah mountains. What we did see was absolutely beautiful. Went to church on Sunday and met people who lived in Ojai years ago.
Monday, yesterday, we drove up to Hershey, Penn. and saw the chocolate company. We ate a few pieces of chocolate and had ice cream Sundays. (I've decreased my consumption of chocolate during this trip. Although it tasted great my stomach told me to not to eat so much next time.)
We went to Lancaster where we saw many Amish people and had a very nice dinner.
Today is, drive to the Catskill mountains. (I think that is were Woodstock was?) Maybe we'll see some old hippies.
Tomorrow is the end of the line. We should be in Boston and see Emily & Mike.
What a trip. This has been fun for me as well as Mary. We miss our family and friends back in California and it was hard leaving Teresa but they are constantly on our minds and in our prayers.
At church Sunday, a little girl sat by her dad and then reached up and gave him a hug. I miss those hugs of long ago when my little girls and Ben would climb on my lap and reach for a hug. I miss grand kids' and their hugs too. Can't wait to hold Emily's baby.
I'll post pictures when I can.
Roy & Mary


Teresa said...

What a trip! You are going to have so much fun with Emily! We miss you here.

Ben Ashby said...

Come visit here!

We need Grandma and Grandpa time!