Grandma and Grandpa's Adventures

Sunday, May 16, 2010

These pictures are out of order. I'll figure out that the first one I add to the blog must be the last one to show up on the page. Anyway, we took a hike down into the canyon to ge closer to the "white house" dwelling. It was a nice short hike and the views were spectacular. To think that people actually lived here 800 to 1200 years ago is mind-boggling. How did they do it? Why did they do it? Where did they go?

This is the trail DOWN.

We started about 7:30 am and came back up a little before 10 am. We stayed down in the valley for about a half hour. It was a fun hike for us.

We are at Canyon de Chilley near Chinle Arizona. There are indian dwellings in the crack along the cliff. We drove along the canyon ridge and viewed 13 lookouts. Each lookout had a different view or different dwellings to look at. I'm amazed anyone could live so high on cliff. Some were near the top but still in the cliffs.

Having fun seeing the sites.

This is called "Spider Rock". It's 800 feet tall.

Trailer parked in Chinle. Nice free park with no hookups.

This is the Snowflake Arizona temple.